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StillVibes is a mindfulness wearable device

StillVibes helps you meditate and be at peace. Wear the device at your own comfort and be stress free. 

Expected launch: March 2020

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How does it work?


Sit to meditate

Wear StillVibes when you sit to meditate. Push the button to turn StillVibes on.

Feel the vibrations

StillVibes’ vibration patterns relax and soothe you while you focus on your mindfulness practice. 

Breath focus

Focus on your breaths. Be aware as your chest rises and falls. Synchronize your breathing with StillVibes vibrations.

Gentle reminders

If you get distracted, the vibrations will gently nudge you back to your breath. 


"After using StillVibes for 3 months, my headaches have vanished, my work stress has reduced -- I feel better than I ever have before!"

Vijay Kumar

Life Hacker, Bangalore

"I am more productive in all facets of life after practicing mindfulness with the StillVibes headband."

Anita Sudarshan

Founder, Co-Exist Bangalore

"Wow! My focus and relaxation have reached new heights. I highly recommend StillVibes."

Jaison Justus

Product Designer, Go-jek

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